Try our paper usage quiz…

3 Dec

Q. How much printer paper do you think the library gets through in a month?

A. 4 boxes? 10 boxes? No, approximately 40 boxes a month (and there are 2,500 sheets of paper in every box), so that’s…well that’s a lot of paper. If you want an idea of what that looks like, stop by the printers in the computer commons area of the Library. It’s a big pile of boxes. Too big! And that’s not the end of it; we get through a large number of printer cartridges too, plus there are all the piles of paper that get printed… and are never collected. You’d think paper grew on trees the way every one is going through it (ok, so we know it sort of does grow on trees, but you get what we’re saying). We seriously all need to cut down on how much we’re using / wasting.

So please think before you print. And if there’s an issue with the printers, please see one of the library staff, don’t keep pressing the print button!

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